Summary:  The Lemonaders Team is expanding its Retail Formats site ( with new content subjects helping educate food start-ups and emerging brands on how to sell into new customers.  Our expanded features include a US map showcasing distributors to talk with (state by state) and an expanded program talking about State Department of Agriculture programs.

The Main Food Service Format Sub-Groups:  The Lemonaders Team is available to talk about food service groups such as Colleges and Universities, Hospitals, Coffee Shops, Airports, Vending,  Hotels, Movie Theatres, Restaurants, Schools, Smoothie Shops and others.
We discuss the importance of the food service providers (Compass, Aramark, Sodexo, Delaware North, HMS Host, Guckenheimer and many others).
We also discuss the best trade events that touch these important FS customers and formats.  Look for details on NRA, NAMA, NACUFS, Pizza Expo and many others.

Some of the Food Service Formats We Are Very Involved With Include:


We created a grab-and-go platform that helps food start-ups and emerging brands learn about retail opportunities in grab-and-go sections (primarily in food service types).

Where To Put in a Grab and Go Section: The best places are where the most foot traffic in a store happens (front area, check-out area, produce, dairy, etc). Any retail or food service location can create a grab-and-go section to be a convenience for their customers. The more common formats are airports, offices and factories, hotels, c-stores, smoothie shops, college cafeterias and others.
Section Designs:  A grab-and-go section or area ideally should have a mix of coolers (for beverages, salads, sandwiches, etc) and shelf-stable racks (for other snack and food products). A number of grab-and-go areas also have sundries ready to go as well. Internally we have member partners who are expert in creating (including sourcing equipment and fixtures) grab and go sections for retailers and food service entities.
* Most recent experience relates to their hospitality distribution and design business helping create retail space for hotels (hotel pantry, gift shops).