Creating a Facility
There is a high percentage of successful food start-ups that chose to have their own facility (versus going through a contract manufacturer).   Taking over an existing facility (with updates) or building a facility means different pros and cons to the brand group.
a.)  Existing Facility:  You may want to explore looking for an existing manufacturing facility to save costs.  Re-vamping an existing building can be an ideal option.
b.)  Building a Facility:  If there is enough funding the efforts of building a facility would be ideal.  The location is very important.  Most states have financial benefits (grants, loans) relating to your choice of a location.   States such as Nevada, Utah and North Carolina are very generous in their programs.  Another important factor is relating to the distribution of the product.

What Type of Arrangement: 

  • Leasing the Space:  You may decide to do a lease if you are not sure if you are going to be in that location for a long time.
  • Buying the Space:  The location and local/regional/state benefits will help you make the decision.

From the experts comes the top ten steps on the subject:

We Have Our Own Facilities
The Lemonaders Team can advise on the subject of creating a facility with its own experiences on the subject.  Our founders have equity in a couple facilities and have over 30-years with involvement with manufacturing.

We specialize in manufacturing natural and organic snacks and beverages in locations in the West (California and Nevada) and in the East (North Carolina).
Our health snack manufacturing capabilities include bars (cereal, granola, energy, raw, date, etc.), brownies, granolas, cookies and crackers. Our beverage efforts include juices and blends.
Our partnering facilities have a much broader scope of options for our clients.
Look at our sister site, which advises on the contract manufacturing subjects on a grander scale:

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