Food & Beverage Innovation Centers
There is a fast growing trend in the creation of food innovation centers in different pockets of the USA. Food Innovation Centers specialize in helping regional brands get created, help with services with the eventual launch into the marketplace.

State Depts Of Agriculture (
The Lemonaders Team will be working with state departments of agriculture on their programs. These will include “Made in State” programs that promote consumer product manufacturing States like Texas, Virginia and Utah have fantastic programs we will be highlighting.

Consumer Product Manufacturers
The Lemonaders Team works with a number of CPG manufacturers and also are co-founders / part-owners of a number of consumer brands seen in a number of retail stores and other formats in North America.

Colleges & Universities
The Lemonaders Team has been involved with a number of colleges and universities working with their business incubation centers. We are also involved with college media and food and beverage programs (through their food service providers).

INBIA Innovation Centers
We are media partners and a member of the INBIA (International Business Innovation Association). The INBIA has a long list of members include business incubators, co-share locations, accelerators, colleges and universities and others.

Convention and Visitors Bureaus
The Lemonaders Team is heavily involved with CVB’s nationwide (through events, coverage, trade shows and more). Our goal is to help promote cities, counties and states as the ideal places for start-ups and entrepreneurs to do business in.

Entrepreneur Camps
There is a new trend on summer camps creating extensions into start-up themed education. There are even camps dedicated to entrepreneur subjects. The Lemonaders Team has already been connecting with both camps and after-school programs to talk about the show and for content.

The Lemonaders Team will be heavily promoting charities that are involved with educating people on how to get into their own businesses. An emphasis on a foster kids program will be announced soon. Look for updates on our show.

Social Media
We already have a very strong roster of social media pages through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram You can find our pages on our home page on or! Look for specific campaigns soon about the TV show.

Crowdfunding Groups
The Lemonaders Team is involved with crowdfunding in general. There will be a number of stories that relate to a number of crowdfunding and investment groups. These would include Start Engine,, KickStarter, Indie Gogo and others. We will be mentoring start-ups on the ideal ways of fundraising as well.

Entrepreneur Branded Events
Entrepreneur Media has a long history of creating its own line-up of events that educate its core audience about entrepreneurship. As the new TV show we will be heavily involved in covering these Entrepreneur events on a regional and national scale.

Trade Magazines
As part of our long-term trade association relationships (from our bases in Las Vegas and Orlando) The Lemonaders Team is adding to our database of trade magazines for many industries. We recognize that these trade magazines are the best way to reach a wide audience in many industries.

Commercial Kitchens
The Lemonaders Team is the co-founder of the new Commercial Kitchens Association.  Our network includes Commercial Kitchens, Kitchen Incubators, Shared Kitchens, Food Innovation Centers, Commissaries, Culinary Kitchens, Food Labs and Food Incubators (in all key parts of the US) all available to discuss new projects.

Contract Manufacturers
The Lemonaders Team has its own co-packing websites which are amongst the highest ranked on the web today. We specialize in helping companies of all types (start-ups to large) in finding co-packing solutions. Amongst our efforts include the ability of helping start-ups with their potential introduction to commercial kitchens nationwide to help start their efforts.

Food Exports (
With partnering offices in South Africa and Europe the Lemonaders Team has a long history of helping bring over international brands into North America. Our own website, is available to help in these endeavors as well.

The Military
The Lemonaders Team is proud to have a legacy with the Military as suppliers for 30-years (DeCA, Exchanges, Field Campaigns). The next phase of our efforts includes the creation and launch of the new Veteran Centers project ( which recruits Military Veterans in becoming food industry entrepreneurs.

Small Business Development Centers
The Lemonaders Team will be working with the nation’s long list of SBDC locations learning about their efforts and their clients. Started by the SBA (Small Business Association), the SBDC’s are a free and vital resource for businesses.

Start-up Events
The Lemonaders Team will be covering a number of regional and national start-up events including those mentioned or created by members of as well as Start-up Weekend, One Million Cups and many that are related to business incubators and accelerators.

Start-up Bloggers
We appreciate what bloggers bring to the table when it relates to alerting the masses on start-ups, events, start-up stars, new products and more. We have a number of blogger events on our schedule as well will be continuing to grow our database of bloggers throughout North America.

Public Relations Firms
The Lemonaders Team has a complete database of Public Relations firms we will be sending out updated Press Releases relating to our TV show and its related projects. We will also be involved with partnering PR efforts (Food and Beverage, Military, Seniors, Women, Teens, College Students, etc).

Entrepreneur Magazine
A main focus of the TV show will be our own audience (the magazine, website and the network). The Entrepreneur Television Marketing Team will be heavily involved with the Entrepreneur branded events as well as core subject matter (ex franchising, mentoring and more).

Trade Associations
We are purposely based in the number one and two trade show markets (Las Vegas, NV and Orlando, FL) to be involved with core trade shows. We will be covering the most well-known shows (ex CES, SEMA, Magic) as well as up-n-coming industry shows. We are already filming a number of these.