Summary:  Selling to retailers and distributors is very different today more than ever.  A number of retailers ask you to hire a sales broker where a short list asks you to go direct only (with no brokers).  Some distributors make sure you have a starting list of customers they do business with before they bring products in their systems and warehouses.  Certain distributors (Ex Kehe, UNFI, Sysco) you can grow with from regional depot to regional depot.   Understanding every retail channel is a major undertaking as well.  Our founders are pioneers in a number of category especially in food service retail, specialty, sports nutrition and grab-and-go formats.
The Lemonaders Team can prepare a full route-to-market plan (sales, distribution, formats) for its clients.  They will also can prepare an A/B/C matrix which details the best retail formats (channels) to sell to first.  The team can also create a full territory / region launch plan well (working within the key seven regions in America).