We want to educate food start-ups to be aware of the opportunities of creating and selling products to a series of retailers who are specific to major populations in America today.  The Lemonaders Team themselves have been involved with a number of these stores over the years and have seen them grow into dominant regional chains. 

Hispanic Retailers:  Hispanic retail chains have grown over the years to be very strong in their business models and have become very important to their communities.  With a number of them being based in California, new food start-ups want to learn how to create products for not only the Hispanic communities who shop these stores but for the food service locations who are also dominant with Hispanic clients.

Asian Retailers:  Asian retailers also are growing very fast and need to be a focus for new food start-up brands.  Asian Supermarkets also are known for carrying food from Asian countries that are inspirations for food development ideas.  Some of these markets also are specific to a country of origin (China, Vietnam, Phillippines, South Korea, etc). 

Mediterranean Retailers:  Supermarkets that cater to the Mediterranean and Middle East regions of the world are very popular with all populations (especially those looking for healthy products relating to the Mediterranean Diet).  Most of the Mediterranean markets are independents.