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INVENTION HELP SERVICES: As a family owned business, has over thirty years history working with clients and their new product creation needs. The secret to our longevity is a matter of keeping our rates very low by providing services that most outsource like Intellectual Property help, Regulatory compliance screening, and more.

Prototyping and simulation are the backbone of product development. We nearly always recommend prototyping or proof of concept models to ensure design integrity and performance. Creating a prototype will often reveal unforeseen opportunities that result in secondary features and conversely on occasion reveal unforeseen design weaknesses. Our prototypes can often be used as demonstrators for trade shows and investors.

We have been developing and protecting intellectual property since the seventies. We are intimately familiar with the entire patent and trademark process. From patent searches to Provisional and non-provisional prosecution to Trademark research and filings. Many in the field of product development overlook intellectual property where we make it priority one. If you can’t own your invention in the end why go through the exercise?

Example Product: The original “Fire Finder” was a large and heavy duty hand held Infrared viewer that was used by fire departments and our military to detect invisible or hidden fires and hot spots.